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Basic Ultimate 
Practice Shooting System -
 12 Gauge Red LaserShooter 
and LaserPro in 
durable plastic case
($65.00 savings)

All-Gauge UltraBrite
Red LaserShooter

($18.00 Savings)

Red & Green 
in Single Gauge,
and LaserPro 
in Pro-Kit  
($92.00 Savings)

with Barrel Wall 
Thickness (BWT) Kit
& All 4 Calibration Rings 
(12 ga, 20 ga, 28 ga
and 410)
($39.95 savings)


Our Products

Our Indoor Practice Shooting Products will make you a better shooter -- 
whether you shoot pistols or revolvers, shotguns or rifles, whether you shoot skeet, trap, sporting clays 
or live birds, or are an instinct, tactical or target shooter.  Using your own guns, you can practice your 
particular discipline in your own home, readily see your mistakes and make the changes needed to 
improve your shooting ability.  
The Ultimate Practice Shooting System for Shotgun Shooters
Watch Video!


The LASERSHOOTER allows shooters to check the accuracy of their gun fit, improve gun-mount technique and practice gun swing. The LaserShooter fits into the muzzle of a shotgun and centers itself perfectly to ensure continuous, accurate alignment from gun to target. The LaserShooter comes in 4 gauge sizes (12, 20, 28 and 410) which are usable for all gauges, from 10 gauge to 410) and 2 colors:  an Ultra Brite Red Laser and a Super Brite Green Laser.  Both LaserShooters can be used indoors, in poor ambient conditions and outside, but the Green LaserShooter is considerably brighter. For two shooters interested in practicing competitive shooting together, it is best for one person to use the Red LaserShooter and another the Green LaserShooter so it is easier to distinguish who is closest to the target.

Red LaserShooter (1 gauge):  $159
Green LaserShooter (1 gauge)  $254
Additional Gauges:  $33 each


shooters to practice and perfect their
gun swing for different target types
and methods of shooting.  The 
LaserPro projects one or two moving
targets in a straight line across a wall.
With the LaserShooter in the muzzle
of your shotgun, you can practice 
your mount, lead, swing, fire and 
follow through repeatedly. The 
LaserPro provides the constant 
repetition needed to perfect your
shooting skills.

Price:   $385


The WOBBLER is an oscillating mechanism that moves an attached LaserPro back and forth to duplicate real life Sporting Clays and Trap targets. Used alone, the LaserPro projects straight line targets; used with the Wobbler, the LaserPro projects real-life targets that arch and move in unpredictable patterns.

Price: $189



is great for practicing your skeet or trap 
shooting as though you were on an 
actual range. Flexible, lightweight, and
easy to roll up, the banner can be hung
on any wall with the sturdy brass 
grommets.   The LaserPro can easily be 
adjusted so that the laser light appears 
to "fire" from the high and low skeet 
houses or from the trap house. 

Price:  $370


Marty Fischer, May 2013 Sporting Clays magazine, writes about the Ultimate Practice Shooting System, page 22, Tools Of The Trade. Click here to read article on our Product Reviews page.

A feature article written by Johnny Cantu about the Ultimate Practice Shooting System and the importance of muscle memory appears in the October 2012 issue of Shotgun Sports. You can read the online version by clicking here. Or read the article on our website by clicking here.

Watch this interesting VIDEO on indicating and conquering EYE DOMINANCE problems.


You can add a BANG BOX to your Red LaserShooter if you want to hear the shot sound when you "pull" the trigger and fire the laser -- just a touch of reality that enhances your practice shooting experience!

Watch Video!

Price: $69.00

TRIGGER SWITCH for LaserShooter

Instead of simply touching the finger ring to the trigger
to shoot the laser, the Trigger Switch is an independent
wiring system that allows shooters to rest their finger on 
the trigger before shooting and then "pulling" the trigger
by pressing the Trigger Switch.  For owners of the new 
Benellis, Franchis and Blasers that have non-conductive
coatings on their internals (which prevent the standard 
electronic ground system from working), the Trigger
Switch is a must.  Very popular with TRAP SHOOTERS 
who like to touch the trigger during the set-up procedure. 
The Trigger Switch replaces the standard finger ring and
wire and easily attaches to the LaserShooter in two 
places -- on the nose cone and between the nose cone
and the gauge spud. Works with both the Red and Green
LaserShooters and the Arrow LaserShot. 

Price:  $45.00

Your Red LaserShooter can be used in your pistol 
or rifle with our Shotgun-to-Pistol/Rifle Conversion Kits!

For Pistol Shooters: 
Select any of the pistol caliber adapters (22, 357/9mm, 40, 44, or 45), which
will fit the Red LaserShooter nose cose, and you can practice pistol shooting. 
Kit includes one caliber adapter and two trigger wires. (Not available for the 
Green LaserShooter.) 
Price each caliber:  $88   

For Rifle Shooters:
Select a .223 or .308 caliber adapter to insert into the nose cone of your Red
LaserShooter and practice rifle shooting.  Includes a long shaft to use with
guns with flash hiders. (Not available for the Green LaserShooter.)

Price each caliber:  $49 
Boy Scouts & Youth Groups 
Shotgun Training & Practice Shooting System

The Model Remington 870 replica non-gun is a laser-equipped Blue Gun with a normal trigger pull that allows laser practice in places where real guns are not allowed, such as meeting rooms in schools or municipal buildings. Legally practice anywhere in complete safety and put your Youth Groups or Boy Scouts on the road to their shotgun shooting merit badge.

Read how a Boy Scout Leader uses the Pistolero system and 22 caliber converter for rifle training.

Special discounts are available for Boy Scouts and other youth groups by calling us at 800-979-9156 (special discounts not available on website).

Price:  $649     

Pistol Practice System
3-Gun (Pistol, Shotgun and Rifle) Practice Systems
Pistolero PistoLaser

3-Gun Champion

World Tactical
Cowboy Action 

With the Pistolero PistoLaser you can 
practice target, instinct and tactical 
shooting.  Simple to use and works 
with all pistols and revolvers. Kit 
includes 5 color-coded caliber inserts 
in 22, 9mm/357, 40, 44, and 45 calibers. 

See Pistolero page for details.   See
a letter from a Boy Scouts leader on 
how he's using the Pistolero and 22 
caliber rifle converter for effective 
Price:  $250   
Practice pistol, rifle and shotgun 
with the 3-Gun Champion package.
Includes Pistolero, Shotgun Red 
LaserShooter (12 Gauge), and .223 
& .308 rifle adapters.

Price:  $399
The World Tactical Practice & Training System 
is designed as a complete laser shooting system
for the tactical shooter.  Included are the 
complete 5-caliber Pistolero PistoLaser set, .223 
and .308 rifle inserts, green and red 12 gauge 
LaserShooters to accommodate 2 shotgun or 
rifle trainers and the Laser-Pro moving target 
projector. The shooter's personal firearms are 
used in these training scenarios. For practicing 
pistol or shotgun without using a live firearm, 
a Glock Blue Gun, which is great for quick draw 
training, and a Remington 870 Blue Gun, both
with permanently installed lasers, are also 
included. The red laser fires when the trigger is 

Price:  $1948
The Cowboy Action Shooting System 
includes the Pistolero and a long wire/
finger ring adapter that will allow all
the pistol calibers to be usedin any
rifle (say 44 special, 44-40, 45 Colt, etc.).
Available as an option is the 40 caliber 
spud (38-40WCF).  The Shotgun Red 
LaserShooter insert will fit any 12 
gauge shotgun regardless of choke and 
comes with the standard long wire and
finger ring.

Price:  388

Shotgun Combo Gauge


The Shotgun Combo Gauge with Extension is available standard with a single drop meter 
or as shown above with a second optional drop meter. 



The SHOTGUN COMBO GAUGE makes all of the measurements required for proper gun fit. It measures Length of Pull, Drop at Comb and Heel, Angle of Pitch and Cast. The Combo Gauge is perfect for the gunsmith, gun hobbyist, firearms retailer, or manufacturer. Go to the Shotgun Combo Gauge page for a full description and additional photos about how the gauge functions. Perfect for the shooter with the adjustable comb and butt gun who uses the one gun for all disciplines -- sporting clays, trap and skeet. The easy portability of the combo gauge allows the shooter to bring the gun back to the sweet spot without guessing while at the range.

See Reviews for articles about the Shotgun Combo Gauge in Shooting Sportsman, Chris Batha's Gazette, American Rifleman, Clay Shooting USA.

Shotgun Combo Gauge with Extension - $229.00
Shotgun Combo Gauge w/ Extension & Extra Drop Meter - $268.00

Shotgun Combo Gauge only (without Extension)  - $150.00 
Extension - $79.00
2nd Drop Meter - $39.00


Comments by Reid Coffield, Noted Author and Master Gunsmith:

"I use the Combo Gauge quite often in my shop. It's ideal for stock work both when measuring existing stocks or when setting up or modifying new stocks. I also use my BoreMaster frequently. I know of no other single tool that will enable me to measure so many different barrel features ranging from wall thickness, to bore and chamber diameter, to choke constriction. It is amazingly versatile. These are great tools!"

Length of Pull




Gun Rest<


Our GUN REST is a sturdy work and measuring station and is recommended for securing your gun when taking measurements with the Shotgun Combo Gauge. The Gun Rest is made of cast iron with powder coated exterior surfaces. The cradles where the gun sits are felt covered, front and back, so your gun is safe from scratches. A padded vice is included.

Price: $249.00

The Gun Rest holds your gun securely for measuring.

A Padded Vice is included with the Gun Rest












The patented BOREMASTER SHOTGUN MULTI-BORE GAUGE measures the bore and choke, chamber length, chamber dimensions, and forcing cone dimensions. Barrel wall thickness can also be measured with the optional BWT Kit. All gauges from .410 to 4 gauge, and rifle chambers from 30/30 and larger. Digital readout in inches and metric. Includes 12 ga Calibration Ring; other calibration rings (20, 28, and 410 ga) optional. Check out the BoreMaster Shotgun Multi-Bore Gauge page for detailed information.

Watch Instructional Video!

Price: BoreMaster Complete with Barrel Wall Thickness Kit and 4 Calibration Rings - $319.00
          BoreMaster with Barrel Wall Thickness Kit and 12 Gauge Calibration Ring - $289.95
          BoreMaster with 12 Gauge Calibration Ring -  $254.95 
          Barrel Wall Thickness Kit - $35.00
          Optional Calibration Rings (20, 28, 410) - $23.00 each   


Gun Fitter's Case

Our GUN FITTER'S CASE is a storage and carrying case made of canvas and leather with solid brass fittings.  It can hold a Shotgun Combo Gauge, BoreMaster, LaserShooter and LaserPro, and it converts to a Gun Rest as well. The two included gun cradles turn the case into a gun rest for easy, hands-free gun measuring. Exclusively available from Robert Louis Co. See Gun Fitter's Case page for more details.

Price:   Gun Fitter's Case only - $288.00




Maximum Gun Scale

Our MAXIMUM GUN SCALE weighs up to 13 lbs. (6 kilos), is accurate to 1/10th of an ounce, and has a clear digital readout (reads both pounds and kilos). A Carrying Case for easy portability and storage is optional.
Maximum Gun Scale: $69.95
Carrying Case: $28.00  
Maximum Gun Magnets
Covert Undercover/Under Counter 
DISK Magnet

Hide your guns under a counter, inside a bedstand, in a closet, in a vehicle with the Undercover Disk Magnets.   Flat disk shape has center hole for screw to attach to any surface. 42 mm Magnet holds at least 25 lbs. of vertical weight; 32 mm holds 10 lbs.


Hide your guns with our "Covert" Undercover/Under Counter DISK Magnets.The Disk Magnets come in 2 sizes: 32mm and 42mm.

Hang your guns with our 42mm HOOK Magnet. The Hook Magnet comes in 32mm.


32mm Disk Magnet - 2 for $29.90

42mm Disk or Hook Magnet - 1 for $19.95

See the Gun Magnets page for more details.


HOOK Magnet

Hang your guns on a Hook Magnet that attaches to any ferrous metal surface. Available in 42 mm which holds 25 lbs.

Olde English Best Gun Wipes

Our OLDE ENGLISH BEST GUN WIPES are made of 100% pure lambskin. Soft and supple, the Gun Wipes, moistened with your favorite gun oil, will help keep your gun in tiptop condition, preventing rust and providing a beautiful sheen.

The Gun Wipe Pads are available in two sizes: 5" x 5" and 5" x 10". The Gloves are available in either Lambskin and Synthetic (Polyester Filament).


Gun Wipe Pads:

Standard Gun Wipe (5"x5"): $10.00 each or 3 for $27.00

Large Gun Wipe (5"x10"): $19.00 each or 3 for $51.00

Gun Wipe Gloves:

Giant Lambskin Gun Wipe Glove: $25.00 each or 2 for $45.00

Synthetic (Polyester Filament) Gun Wipe Glove: $15.00 each or 2 for $25.00


Wad Wacker

The WAD WACKER is an all gauge (28 through 10 ga) stuck wad and debris removal device that should be part of every shooter's kit.

A necessity for the hand loader.

Price: $17.95

Vintage Shotgun Weathervane
 Replica of Classic L.C. Smith Shotgun

Mount a beautiful copper VINTAGE SHOTGUN WEATHERVANE on the roof of your house, garage, barn, clubhouse, or gazebo and watch heads turn! The shotgun is 44" in length and is made from 100% pure copper that will age to a rich patina over time, with solid brass and copper components. Built to last, with a sturdy stainless steel and brass assembly rod, the Vintage Shotgun Weathervane is rust- and maintenance-free.   Comes with a roof mount.


Review from Guns & Ammo
Slightly Imperfect Products:  From time to time, we have Shotgun Combo Gauges and BoreMasters that have slight imperfections, 
                                                       but are perfectly functional.  We offer a 15% discount for these products.  Please inquire about them
                                                       when you call; they are not available on the website.

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